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Qapp believes in the future business model as being m-commerce. Let us manage your technological development requirements in the mobile application arena and let us help your company evolve successfully into the future. Learn more

Who are we

We are Qapp, provider of quality mobile app services for small to medium sized businesses and local stores in the UK and US. We are expert in tailor designing and building bespoke mobile apps for your business, and exposing your business to the most popular mobile apps platforms such as Android and iOS. Learn more

What do we do

We work in partnership with our customers to develop innovative, imaginative and useful apps to put them at the forefront of engaging with their customers. We work on all mobile platforms, from Android to iOS devices, to ensure that your business gets the right exposure. Learn more

What can we offer

We provide consulting services on the Android and iOS mobile platforms to help you create a truly successful mobile app. Some of the services we provide include: first app "coaching", mobile apps development and ongoing app development & support. Learn more

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